Jaipur Development Authority demolishes 11 houses in Nullah area

Amid huge protest, the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) swung into action on Wednesday and demolished illegal constructions in the catchment area of Amanishah Nullah near Kiran Vistar in the city.

The JDA enforcement team’s bulldozers pulled down around 11 houses identified as illegal constructions in the nullah’s catchment area.

“Five houses, three small rooms and boundary wall of three plots were razed. Many affected house owners protested but there was sufficient deployment of police force to maintain the law and order in the area,” a senior JDA official said.

During the demolition, Poonam Kumari whose house was razed fainted and was admitted to the hospital. Another house owner, Ravi Jadavat, climbed to his terrace and attempted suicide by holding electric cables. Later, Jadavat was arrested by police.

The affected house owners alleged that their household goods were damaged as the demolition team did not give time to vacate their houses. Rajendra Kumar, father of Poonam said, “My daughter’s wedding is scheduled next month and all the goods have been damaged as the team forcefully raze the house.”

The affected house owners in the JDA region alleged that not following HC’s directions is a contempt of court. Jadgish Chaudhary, an affected house owner and RTI activist said, “The state government cannot maintain the width of the nullah as per its suitability. In JDA region, the width of Nullah is maintained up to 210 feet. However, in the JMC region, the nullah is approximately 106 feet wide and flowing water will be determined as a centre line in this area. Uniformity has not been maintained by the state government to maintain their vote-bank.”

Chaudhary claimed, “The drive is being carried out as per the MNIT survey report in the JMC region. The report also says from NBC to Maharani farm, the nullah should be 120 meter wide. If the government is making the nullah 53 -53 feet wide on either side in the JMC region, why is it widening the nullah more in JDA region?”

With the deadline, May 30 set by the HC, approaching fast to demolish the residential structures in the Amanishah Nullah catchment area, the civic bodies have started the demolition drive once again. The JMC, after giving a day’s time to the encroachers, will start its drive again on Thursday. According to an official, “Around 150 house owners have to fill the optional form and team will start the demolition and rehabilitation process.”


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