Essential Tips To Consider Before Buying Plots

Most people prefer buying plots and building their own houses rather than living in high rise buildings and apartments. They prefer to own a piece of land and develop it according to their taste and liking. The charm of having your own duplex and penthouse or a bungalow outshines any other kind of property. If you are a land lover and believe in building your own house then below are some essential tips to consider before buying plots.

When one dreams of a house and of one’s retirement, the image of a green lawn, with flowers and trees and a small kitchen garden looms large in front of one’s eyes. Everyone desires an abode which is peaceful, serene and designed according to their own choice.

Buying a chunk of land and constructing a house according to one’s taste is the ultimate desire of many but only few get a chance to fulfil it. Those who carefully plan and implement their property investments are lucky to savour the fruits when they retire.

One needs a vision for the future and a strong will power to be able invest in property which initially seem untouchable but later bear fruits like never before. But once you have decided to buy plot in a particular area then the next step is to make sure that the deal happens in a manner which leaves a smile on your face. Essential points to consider before you buy a plot:

Location of the Land and Proximity to Major Areas

The most important aspect of buying a property is to ensure that the area where you are intending to buy a plot is not in a far flung area and is proximate to commercial areas. Everyone knows that buying a plot near a commercial hub is not easy and may have exorbitant price tag; and not everyone can afford it. But one can have a foresight and choose a developing area which is coming up with commercial properties. Such areas sell plots at a reasonable rate and when they get fully developed the prices multiply like anything.

Basic Amenities Check

While purchasing a plot one should find out that the plot has the provision to fulfil basic amenities and facilities like water supply, electricity, grocery stores and proximity to hospitals, schools and other community centres is a must check.

Drainage and Sewerage

In this era of infrastructure boom many cities are launched first and then their basic infra is planned…which is sad. Hence, it is important that a buyer confirms that the basic infra facilities like roads that lead to the colony are good and wide and nicely marked, water drainage and sewerage are in order or have concrete future plans and the overall maintenance of the area will be taken care of by a reputed and deemed authority. No one wants a bungalow in the wilderness.

Land Usage and Pedigree

Before buying a plot check the documents pertaining information about the land usage rules, history of owners of the land, legal papers are in order and the seller has the right to transact the property and is the true owner.

This is very necessary as no one wants to get into a legal hassle and dispute in a land deal and putting one’s money at risk.


Visit real estate websites and try to find out the real price prevailing in a particular area and compare prices with adjoining areas. This may help you find out the real worth of the land and know the circle rates of an area.

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