Essential Tips To Consider Before Buying Plots

Most people prefer buying plots and building their own houses rather than living in high rise buildings and apartments. They prefer to own a piece of land and develop it according to their taste and liking. The charm of having your own duplex and penthouse or a bungalow outshines any other kind of property. If you are a land lover and believe in building your own house then below are some essential tips to consider before buying plots.

When one dreams of a house and of one’s retirement, the image of a green lawn, with flowers and trees and a small kitchen garden looms large in front of one’s eyes. Everyone desires an abode which is peaceful, serene and designed according to their own choice.

Buying a chunk of land and constructing a house according to one’s taste is the ultimate desire of many but only few get a chance to fulfil it. Those who carefully plan and implement their property investments are lucky to savour the fruits when they retire.

One needs a vision for the future and a strong will power to be able invest in property which initially seem untouchable but later bear fruits like never before. But once you have decided to buy plot in a particular area then the next step is to make sure that the deal happens in a manner which leaves a smile on your face. Essential points to consider before you buy a plot:

Location of the Land and Proximity to Major Areas

The most important aspect of buying a property is to ensure that the area where you are intending to buy a plot is not in a far flung area and is proximate to commercial areas. Everyone knows that buying a plot near a commercial hub is not easy and may have exorbitant price tag; and not everyone can afford it. But one can have a foresight and choose a developing area which is coming up with commercial properties. Such areas sell plots at a reasonable rate and when they get fully developed the prices multiply like anything.

Basic Amenities Check

While purchasing a plot one should find out that the plot has the provision to fulfil basic amenities and facilities like water supply, electricity, grocery stores and proximity to hospitals, schools and other community centres is a must check.

Drainage and Sewerage

In this era of infrastructure boom many cities are launched first and then their basic infra is planned…which is sad. Hence, it is important that a buyer confirms that the basic infra facilities like roads that lead to the colony are good and wide and nicely marked, water drainage and sewerage are in order or have concrete future plans and the overall maintenance of the area will be taken care of by a reputed and deemed authority. No one wants a bungalow in the wilderness.

Land Usage and Pedigree

Before buying a plot check the documents pertaining information about the land usage rules, history of owners of the land, legal papers are in order and the seller has the right to transact the property and is the true owner.

This is very necessary as no one wants to get into a legal hassle and dispute in a land deal and putting one’s money at risk.


Visit real estate websites and try to find out the real price prevailing in a particular area and compare prices with adjoining areas. This may help you find out the real worth of the land and know the circle rates of an area.

Important Points To Remember About Residential Flats in Noida

With IT investments for laundry and development of those facilities and in Noida, has been momentous growth of population in the city. Hence, with the fast growth of commercial real estate market, residential property in Noida has also grown quickly. The growing demand has created an enviable price appreciation for the city of Noida Residential favorite motifs investment goods. Activities such as purchase, sale and rental apartments are quite common in Noida. Let's look at the following facts relating to the residential apartments in Noida.

Important Points To Remember About Residential Flats in Noida:
Noida residential property enjoys a growth surge. Due to the price appreciation of residential flats in Noida, real estate investment has become very lucrative for many, thus creating greater demand for residential development in Noida.

Noida also has received a viable space for property investment not only among his people but also among investors around the NCR. The floors are presented as income to the huge population of enterprises in the city. So, go get a good return on investment.

For the cake, the non-residential Indians (NRI) are inclined to buy luxury apartments in high-end home in Noida. The properties are measured as their second home as part of its real estate portfolio. It is predictable that one would have expected the foreign direct investment of 30,000 crore in the coming years. Not only in residential but there are also commercial property in Noida as well which is coming up rapidly.

The main area, i.e. residential floors is in Noida sector 14, 15, 27, 28, 29 and 37. All sectors primarily consist of the development of housing whereas the zone is mainly poised of 44 floors housing groups.
Even though there is great demand for residences in Noida, but most buyers is composed of residential apartments Noida as their second home, or simply for investment purposes. There are also great demands for property in Noida Extension as well.

There is strong competition among developers of the best to reach innovative residential quality of life and world-class centers. The real estate colossal Unitech has developed plush residential apartments in the projects of the Great in the sector 96, 97 and 98. The project covers over 347 acres in Greater Noida Expressway. In short it is said it is the best property in Noida.

Yet another prominent call base constructor Noida Jaypee Group has launched its latest project in the city of desire in the sector 128. The project focuses on the course and also offers floor with large green front view. Other projects include Aamantran by Eldeco, Celeste Torres Assotech Limited, Eldeco Utopia, Omaxe Twin Towers, Eldeco Olympia, the Great Forest, Omaxe, Omaxe Forest Spa by the greatness and such Gaur.

As already mentioned, the main reason for developing the housing market is the growth of business and industry in the city. Each year thousands of IT professionals are reduced to the city for work. Consequently, the demand for housing has led to the development of corporate structures and modern lifestyle.

Owing to the raise in the cost value of Noida residential property, many find it a lucrative alternative to invest and make profits in return. In fact, the trend of real estate investing has launched the people of Delhi and NCR region to buy houses in Noida.

7 Steps To A Hot Commercial Real Estate Deal

There's an old joke in commercial real estate: If you think nobody cares you're alive, just miss a few mortgage payments.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of that going on during the credit crisis that started in 2008, as commercial real estate values went into a freefall. According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Real Estate, commercial property values fell by 10.6% in the fourth quarter of 2008, alone – the biggest price drop since 1984.

But to savvy real estate investors, times of lower prices typically reveal genuine investment opportunities. For instance, according to a survey by Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services, of 1,129 commercial property investors, 51% planned to increase commercial real estate allocations during the 2008 credit crisis.

So, despite the significant drop-off in acquisition plans from the peak in 2005, more than half of investors still planned to increase their commercial real estate holdings. A mere 11% planned to reduce their real estate portfolios in 2009.

Finding a Good Commercial Real Estate Deal
Ask any real estate professional about the benefits of investing in commercial property and you'll likely trigger a monologue on how such properties are a better deal than residential real estate. Commercial property owners love the additional cash flow, the beneficial economies of scale, the relatively open playing field, the abundant market for good, affordable property managers and the bigger payoff from commercial real estate.
But how do you evaluate the best properties. And what separates the great deals from the duds?

Like most real estate properties, success starts with a good blueprint. Here's one to help you evaluate a good commercial property deal.
  1. Learn What the Insiders Know
    To be a player in commercial real estate, learn to think like a professional. For example, know that commercial property is valued differently than residential property. Income on commercial real estate is directly related to its usable square footage. That's not the case with individual homes. You'll also see a bigger cash flow with commercial property. The math is simple: you'll earn more income on multifamily dwellings, for instance, than on a single-family home. Know also that commercial property leases are longer than on single-family residences. That paves the way for greater cash flow. Lastly, if you're in a tighter credit environment, make sure to come knocking with cash in hand. Commercial property lenders like to see at least 30% down before they'll give a loan the green light.

  2. Map Out a Plan of Action
    Setting parameters is a top priority in a commercial real estate deal. How much can you afford to pay? How much do you expect to make on the deal? Who are the key players? How many tenants are already on board and paying rent? How much rental space do you need to fill?

  3. Learn to Recognize a Good Deal
    The top real estate pros know a good deal when they see one. What's their secret? First, they have an exit strategy – the best deals are the ones where you know you can walk away from. It helps to have a sharp, landowner's eye – always be looking for damage that requires repairs, know how to assess risk and make sure to break out the calculator to ensure that the property meets your financial goals.

  4. Get Familiar With Key Commercial Real Estate Metrics
    The common key metrics to use for when assessing real estate include:
    • Net Operating Income (NOI)
    • The NOI of a commercial real estate property is calculated by valuating the property's first year gross operating income and then subtracting the operating expenses for the first year. You want to have positive NOI.
    • Cap Rate
    • A real estate property's "cap" – or capitalization – rate, is used to calculate the value of income producing properties. For example, an apartment complex of five units or more, commercial office buildings, and smaller strip malls are all good candidates for a cap rate determination. Cap rates are used to estimate the net present value of future profits or cash flow; the process is also called capitalization of earnings.
    • Cash on Cash
    • Commercial real estate investors who rely on financing to purchase their properties often adhere to the cash-on-cash formula to compare first-year performance of competing properties. Cash-on-cash takes the fact that the investor in question doesn't require 100% cash to buy the property into account, but also accounts for the fact that the investor will not keep all of the NOI because he or she must use some of it to make mortgage payments. To uncover cash on cash, real estate investors must determine the amount required to invest to purchase the property, or their initial investment.

  5. Look for Motivated Sellers
    Like any business, customers drive real estate. Your job is to find them - specifically those who are ready and eager to sell below market value. The fact is that nothing happens - or even matters - in real estate until you find a deal, which is usually accompanied by a motivated seller. This is someone with a pressing reason to sell below market value. If your seller isn't motivated, he or she won't be as willing to negotiate.

  6. Discover the Fine Art of Neighborhood "Farming"
    A great way to evaluate a commercial property is to study the neighborhood it's located in by going to open houses, talking to other neighborhood owners, and looking for vacancies.

  7. Use a "Three-Pronged" Approach to Evaluate Properties
    Be adaptable when searching for great deals. Use the internet, read the classified ads and hire bird dogs to find you the best properties. Real estate bird dogs can help you find valuable investment leads in exchange for a referral fee.

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