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Dreams become Reality with Supertech

Supertech, one of the leading real estate conglomerates, based out of the Northern part of India has joined hands with Disney to make your dreams a reality. Supertech Fable Castle, a place where you find all your dreams related to the fables you read as a child coming true. Stories of animals personified into humans and giving a lesson for life are known as fables. We have all read through many of them now it’s time to live in them.

A house having a surrounding of Disney, playgrounds with Mickey Mouse playing there, Beauty and the beast being your neighbor and the list goes on. This is what Supertech Fable Castle’s bring to you. Disney has an array of products under its wing. Merchandise from household products, stationary to games and television shows, now is their time to explore their imagination skills up to a level of creating a magical wonder over 7.5 acres of land. Disney has amusement parks all over the world and Supertech Fable Castle Noida gives you a chance to have a home in a Disneyland. The fable castle homes are a part of the Golf Country Township on the Yamuna Expressway near the National Centre. From fountains to wishing wells, from racing tracks to swimming pools, you have all of it spread over a vast area.

The area will have a total of 1000 apartments. Each having an area of around 1000-2125 sq ft. The price range starts from Rs. 3250 per sq ft. There is a choice from 2-4 BHK. The houses in the Golf Country Township at priced at Rs. 3000 per sq ft.

The fully furnished homes at Supertech Fable Castle will not only enthrall the kids but even engulf the elders of the family. It is a bewitching and a lifetime experience to be a part of this new project. Castles, Cinderella’s chariot, Cars, a sea world and many such fantasies are all a real part of this new world.

Supertech has been a brand since 1988, serving each and every real estate need. Building modern residential complexes and commercial complexes and catering to all demands of the National capital Region (NCR). The areas of service are Delhi and its surrounding new developmental area, Meerut, Moradabad, Rudrapur and Haridwar. Emerald Court, Shopprix Mall, Avant-Garde are a few of its benchmark projects.

Supertech Fable Castle promises to create yet another and definitely one-of- its-kind of a benchmark. This is a contemporary and modern project and promises to cater to all the fairy tale needs one has ever dreamt of. Bed linen products, bathroom fittings, colour schemes and the whole set up will be in the lines of Walt Disney. This is Walt Disney’s first venture in the Northern part of the country. This venture not only wants to grow for you but also with you. It is looking for associations with center and higher-middle class.

A magical experience along with a pinch of reality is what Supertech Fable castle brings at your footstep. Come and be a part of it.


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