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Huda chief orders land mutation within 7 days

Haryana Urban Development Authority (Huda) administrator Praveen Kumar has asked the estate office to complete the pending land-mutation work within the next seven days. “I want the mutation of all land acquired by the Huda over the years and land ownership records of the district latest by May 29,” Kumar told the two estate officers on Wednesday.

The Huda has acquired over 8,000 acres in Gurgaon, out of which the ownership of roughly 5,800 acres has not changed. The reason being cited is that the authority has not had a land mutation officer for the past several years.

When asked about this, the administrator said, “What matters at the moment is the mutation of land at the earliest. I have already spoken with deputy commissioner PC Meena and requested him for the requisite help in getting the mutation done.”

“As far as I remember, no mutation (of land acquired by the Huda) has taken place in the past five years due to the absence of a land mutation officer. The post is lying vacant and none of the administrators took initiative to recruit someone for the post,” said a senior Huda official.

As per the procedure, the Huda acquires land under sections 4 and 6 (of the Land Acquisition Act) and the acquired land’s ownership is supposed to be transferred in the land registry records at the same time.

Some of these acquired plots are located in sectors which are fully developed and inhabited.



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